Google Rich Snippets and SEO: How to Get More Search Engine Traffic from Microdata

Google Rich Snippets and SEO: How to Get More Search Engine Traffic from Microdata

Ecommerce competition is fierce in Google. With so many competitors, eCommerce webmasters must find a way to stand out among the other related online stores. One way to stand out in search engines is the use of Google rich snippets. These structured HTML microdata components display in search engine results, and they give users an incentive to visit your store among the others displayed on the search result page.

What are Rich Snippets?

Google introduced rich snippets to help eCommerce stores display additional information in search engine result pages. Rich snippets are additional HTML tags you use to specify reviews, product inventory, recipes, events, and music. When Google crawls your site, it reads these additional HTML tags and displays the additional content directly underneath your website link.

For instance, if you have product reviews set up for your site, you use rich snippet information to display your customer’s feedback in Google’s search engine results. If your customers rate a specific product with three stars, the three stars display in search results.

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How Do Rich Snippets Help with SEO?

SEO is more than backlinks, code and content. SEO is competitive, so now businesses need marketing as part of SEO efforts. Rich snippets are just a small part of a wide range of SEO enhancements available to online stores.

Do a search for your favorite product in Google. If any of the first ten results display rich snippet enhancements, notice how the online store stands out among the rest. For this reason, viewers are drawn to your link instead of a competitor’s link. Rich snippets give you a marketing advantage over competitors, because users are visually drawn to your site in the search results.

In addition to a better click-through rate (CTR), you also have more targeted traffic to your site. Targeted traffic means the viewer has a high interest in the product, and that viewer has a better chance of turning into a paying customer. Targeted traffic is good for your store’s conversion rate, which is a rate used to define the success of SEO and other marketing efforts.

Working with Rich Snippets

If you run WordPress or Blogger sites, several programmers have created plug-ins you use to generate rich snippet microdata. Some shopping cart systems will place rich snippets in your code. If you have a custom online store, then you need to manually edit the code.

Google also provides webmasters with a tool to test rich snippets for any errors, check it out here.Webmasters should always verify that rich snippets are functioning properly before launching the new code.

Using these HTML snippets, you can improve sales, increase visibility in search engines, and improve your click-through rate. Google also provides a start-up guide to help you get started with snippets.

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