SEO Tips For Small Businesses – Four Simple Ways to Generate Ideas for Your Blog Content

SEO Tips For Small Businesses – Four Simple Ways to Generate Ideas for Your Blog Content

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. That is a given. When you first begin to market your business online, it can seem like you’re adding even more to you your huge to-do list. You have to update your website, monitor your search engine rankings on Google and the other search engines, and keep your brand visible online in ways your competitors are not – all of this on top of the day to day tasks of running a business. It will seem overwhelming at first, but once you have the process in place, the daily maintenance of your online marketing campaign will become simpler and simpler.

A big part of your SEO strategy should be investing your time in the company blog. This can do a great deal of the heavy lifting on any search engine optimization campaign. A great blog can attract new visitors to your website, build domain authority for your website, and make you leaps and bounds more competitive than the businesses you’re competing with for search engine rankings.

I Have a Blog. What Do I Write About?

Blog content can really be about anything, but it’s going to take your time and/or monetary resources to produce it, so it should be created with purpose. It doesn’t make much sense to sink your money or time into blog content that people will ignore, and that won’t benefit your SEO efforts.

Here are four simple ways to generate ideas for content that will boost your SEO efforts and engage your blog audience and website visitors:

1. Use the FAQs – Your website should have a FAQ section on it. You can periodically update this page with new questions your web visitors and customers are asking. Doing so will boost your SEO efforts and give you the opportunity to capture new ideas for blog posts. On this page, try creating a feature that allows your users to type in their questions if they aren’t answered by the FAQs. You can create new FAQs with the questions from this field that are asked in higher volume, but for the outliers, try answering these questions with an informative blog post. You never know, your post might just reach the right person at that magical time when they need what you offer the most.

2. Talk to your front office – It may sound counter intuitive that one of the best places you can go to generate online content ideas is to the very real people, offline, facilitating your front-line communication efforts. These people speak with your customers every day and can help you identify trends you can address with your blog. Figure out what questions your staff are routinely getting from your customers and write a post about it. Talk to your sales staff, your secretary, and your delivery personnel. These people are tapped into some of the most important information you may be overlooking and can help you generate wonderful blog post ideas to solve your customer’s problems.

3. Share the news – Chances are, you get a magazine or two delivered to your office that is specific to your industry. Don’t you think there is important news in there you should be sharing so your customers better understand how your industry fulfils their needs, or produces a product that solves one of their problems? Do you follow your industry leaders on Twitter and keep your ear to the ground for the latest trending topics online? Are there important industry happenings being discussed on other blogs you follow? Engage your customers and web visitors with important news from your industry and help them understand why what you offer is valuable to them. Share your news from your angle and how it relates to your expertise and establish yourself as an authority.

4. Don’t forget to have fun – Blogging doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Don’t forget to share what’s going on around you. This can be something as simple as posting photos of the company potluck, or introducing your new hires on the blog and letting them share their bio and experience with your customers. Pictures can often say more than words and creating a blog post for the week can be as simple as sharing some of the fun in your office through photographs.

Once you learn several effective strategies for coming up with blog post ideas, maintaining a blog as part of your SEO strategy is easy. Managing a blog can be fairly simple too, depending on what platform you use for blogging. Use a blog to regularly update your site content with keyword-rich posts that keep bringing your website new visitors.

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