Five outdated SEO practices you should avoid

Five outdated SEO practices you should avoid

Although some are saying that search engine optimization is dead, this is not quite true. There is no doubt; however, that what works and what do not work in SEO has changed significantly in the past few years. With Google’s algorithm updates, the world’s most popular search engine is working more like it’s powered by humans than by an advanced algorithm. Following are some outdated SEO practices that are still widely used yet should be avoided lest you harm your online marketing process.

Article Marketing

Article marketing in its basic form is a process by which huge amounts of low quality articles are written, rewritten, and plastered all over the Internet on online magazines and article directories. The articles contain links back to the website that you are marketing. Unsurprisingly, article marketing takes a lot of time and there is typically an enormous emphasis on quantity rather than quality. Today, Google and other search engines, making them less worthwhile to bother with, have ranked most article directories down. Do not waste your time.

Avoid the Press Release Mill

The press release mill, just like article marketing, can end up being a constant grind involving churning out large amounts of low quality and often-repetitive content. Press releases are still important, but do not get into the habit of writing content that is not newsworthy just for the sake of it. Have a purpose and a sense of direction instead and do not spend too much of your time focussing on press release distribution.

Creating Content for the Search Engines

Forget keyword density and, for the most part, keyword placement. In fact, when creating content for your website, you can largely forget about keywords entirely. Instead, the focus on your human readers is what is important now. On-page SEO does still carry some weight, but consider it of secondary importance. Remember that the search engines are getting very good at identifying and penalizing over-optimized content.

Automation of Common SEO Tasks

Do not automate common SEO tasks such as social media updates, content submission and link building. While it may be tempting as a way to save time, what happens in reality is that your online business loses its human touch and becomes something more akin to a spam-bot. It is surprising, for example, how many people still use things like article spinners to create hundreds of ‘unique’ articles from a single one.

Emphasizing Quantity

A few years ago, quantity actually won over quality when it came to SEO campaigns and building up your site’s traffic. The Internet is still cluttered by junk material of little use to anyone, but this is starting to change as Google and other search engines try to up the overall standard of the quality of content and information on the Web. Today, the focus is on quality rather than quantity and it is now very much the former that determines the popularity and staying power of a website.

Five outdated SEO practices you should avoid by