Pay Per Click Advertising

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Develop PPC Campaigns that Deliver a High ROI

Actonia is an SEO and SEM consulting and management company with a strong track-record of developing successful PPC campaigns. We have a dedicated team of pay per click advertising experts who create compelling banner ads and help you attract web traffic in droves.

What is PPC and why you need it

PPC is still one of the most effective methods to drive traffic to your website. With PPC, you can bid on specific keywords on various platforms and create ads based on these keywords, which will then be displayed on these websites. Your display ads or banner ads will be displayed on search results and whenever visitors are browsing various platforms. Of course the platforms where your ads are displayed will receive an amount every time someone clicks on your ad but the cost is completely worth it. You can direct a lot of traffic to your website if your ads are on highly popular websites.

Still not convinced about pay per click? Here are some PPC benefits that can change your mind:

  • You will have full control over your PPC campaign and its cost
  • PPC allows you to start small and then scale up your campaigns if they are successful
  • You can target customers based on where they live, their profession, education, interests, etc. with PPC
  • PPC allows for excellent analytics as you can use a wide range of metrics to analyze PPC campaigns
  • PPC management is simple and you can always scale back the campaigns if they become too unmanageable
  • PPC campaigns can be changed easily depending on continuous analysis

Pay per click process that we use

Before we set-up PPC campaigns for you, we identify KPIs and their goals, business objectives and PPC milestones. Our team of PPC experts conducts extensive research to understand your industry, competition and your ultimate business goals to create effective PPC advertising campaigns. We work extensively with Google Adwords, Google Adcenter, Facebook, LinkedIn, 7Search and many other platforms to find the right keywords for your banner ads and landing pages and to set up ads in these platforms.

  • We develop clear PPC strategies that are custom-made for your company and its needs
  • Our experts perform a thorough review of your website, PPC history and analytics
  • Negative keywords and proper keyword match types are found
  • Effective search and display network advertising campaigns are designed and built
  • Keywords are properly categorized and matched
  • Network, geographical and device targeting strategies are set up to help you attract your target audience
    via PPC advertising
  • Banner ad testing is conducted using different ad copies and ad variations

All these steps are completed in the analysis and set-up phases so that your company can launch the most effective PPC campaigns for maximum traffic generation. We make sure to keep you updated with latest PPC changes so that these changes can be reflected in all your active campaigns.

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