Analytics Services

Understand Your Customers with Our Analytics Service

What’s the point of an online marketing campaign if you cannot track and analyze its results? How can you improve your online marketing strategies if you have no idea what the response is to your existing efforts? The right analytics can help you glean vital information and support informed decision-making.

How can we help?

Actonia has a highly skilled team of analytics experts who can help you get valuable information about how your customer engagement efforts are faring, how your target audience is interacting with your brand, and suggest ways to improve outcomes significantly. We have been working with small and medium-sized businesses for over 10 years now. Enhance your offsite and onsite optimization efforts with smart analytics, and identify unexplored opportunities to meet your digital marketing goals.

Why Us?

We offer comprehensive analytics services tailored to your company’s needs.

  • We can help you increase your brand awareness
  • With our analytics services and reports, you will be able to make informed decisions
  • You can better understand your customers’ needs and how they engage with your website and marketing campaigns. This will help you improve and optimize your marketing strategies and web design.
  • The right set of analytics tools and solutions can eventually improve your company’s bottom line.

An Overview of Our Expertise and Offerings

We can set up just about any analytics tool for your website. We can also help you leverage more advanced analytics tools as your marketing campaigns grow and diversify.

  • We are Coremetrics, Omniture and Google Analytics specialists
  • Even if your company is not using any analytics tools, we can analyze your server logs to prepare in-depth reports
  • Our analytics experts identify the most appropriate analytics tools for your website and set them up
  • We conduct analytics activities by segmenting your audience to understand current performance levels and what needs to be improved
  • We ensure that analytics are unique to every client to help clients achieve specific business goals
  • We track metrics that are closely linked to your company’s marketing goals.
  • We test landing pages, marketing campaigns and applications to figure out which ones are receiving most engagement
  • Our website experts analyze websites to work out the changes needed to cater to the latest search engine algorithm changes.

Pack more value into your company’s Twitter and Facebook campaigns, create optimized landing pages and benefit from insights into the purchase funnel and conversion process.

Contact us about your requirements today. We look forward to working with you.