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Internet Marketing Service

The internet marketing experts at Actonia have successfully served the digital marketing needs of a diverse clientele. Our experience-backed internet marketing services can give your conversions a boost, enhance customer engagement, offer useful insights, and help you manage your online presence smartly.

Here is a look at our comprehensive internet marketing services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Actonia is a specialist SEO and SEM marketing company. We have extensive knowledge and experience working with various search engines. Google may have complete dominance in the world of search engines but it doesn’t mean its smaller yet important counterparts like Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu, etc. can be ignored. Although we do focus on Google, our experts can help you optimize your website for many search engines.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

The PPC experts at Actonia can help you leverage PPC advertising to give website traffic a boost and increase the conversion rates of your online marketing campaigns. After thorough testing, we will create the perfect PPC ad copy for your brand to target the right audience. Through metrics tracking and analysis, we can even help with your PPC management activities.

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SEO Audits

Make sure your website is ready for all your SEO efforts with our SEO Auditing experts. Our SEO audits check the structure and design of your website to remove web design errors that are making your website less search-engine friendly. Improve the effectiveness of your SEO efforts with professional SEO audits from Actonia Inc.

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We specialize in Google Analytics, Omniture and Coremetrics. Choose the right metrics and analyze results intelligently to improve your online marketing campaigns. Smart analytics lead to more-rewarding business decisions and in-depth understanding for more effective campaigns.

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Content Creation

Optimized, original, valuable and relevant content can not only improve the visibility of your website and brand but can also help you gain a loyal following. Give your brand the chance to become an authoritative source of information and an industry expert with our content creating services.

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Link Building

Adjust to the recent Google algorithm updates and crackdown on suspicious link building activities with our assistance. We have successfully helped clients increase the number of inbound links to their websites organically. You can rest assured that we will use various link building techniques to make sure that your website has a large number of quality inbound links.

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Follow up with website visitors and convert them into customers and leads. We can help you identify interested visitors so you can encourage them to engage further with your brand without infringing on their privacy.

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